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Born in D.C. and grown in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maine, and New Mexico, Sarah (Anne Wharton) Kuhn’s photographic experience began as a ten-year-old with a 110-film format camera: a sleek, black tube, half the size of a sandwich. She brought it with her everywhere, congratulating herself on a solid choice of future career when she caught two chipmunks eating nuts in one frame. From then on, traveling from state to state, country to country, and person to person, SAWK has kept at least one camera strapped around her neck.

She is curious and exuberant, and loves to bake, whistle, and photograph your face.

Sarah currently works, lives, and plays in Brooklyn, New York, a new, amazing place of vertical lines quite different than the wide horizons she left behind in New Mexico. Come visit and you can meet her puppies, Boon and Annie, listen to the constant rain spatter on asphalt from her couch, or go dancing till 4am.


SAWK is available for documentary photography, weddings and events, portraits, freelance, et al.

For information about services, prices, prints, etc., squawk at SAWK at .