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Here We Stand

(3/29/14) 2:56a – I blinked and March finished in a succession of quick minutes as winter instead of spring. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

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I start an internship soon with Steve McCurry’s studio in Long Island City. It will be three months of full-time go go go between commuting and photos and trying to stay afloat above city sidewalks and bobbing passerby, but I am excited. In the interim – just like everyone else in the city sea – […]

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Detritus and Flowers

I have countless things to do, bills to pay, photos to edit, and things to catch up on after moving 2,000 miles three weeks ago, but all I have thought of since a particular subway ride last week is the rat scuttling snakily between the detritus beneath the train tracks under Nostrand and the A-train. […]

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Over a month since my last post! . . . Days have been brimming with laughing kids who change faster than the seasons, orange sunsets that darken with the clouds, good food and too much of it, elk sightings, playing and running jacket-less in cold air, merry-go-rounds, sleepy puppies, sleepy babies, naps, crying, and maybe […]

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View from Today

I am tallest in the morning when the light melts everything into sharp, golden relief. So is everyone. The mountain looked so blue today that I thought for a moment that I was wearing polarized sunglasses. I wasn’t! – It was just deep and navy on its own. And the clouds that bruised the sky […]

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