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Central Pennsylvania remains one of the strongholds of my heart. Spending four years of college there – as well as countless months, hours, and minutes always visiting for long weekends and hootenannies since then – keeps it as fresh and deep inside of me as a cold, clear spring in the desert. It is always […]

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Supreme Moments

(9/14/13) It is a special kind of clean to soak off the grubby sweat and dirt from seven long hours in the car with a bubbling hot tub, then dive in a cold pool and later shower off the chlorine. – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – […]

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From the Road, 10/4-8

Months ago, at the beginning of October, I headed south from San Fidel to Tucson to shoot Holly’s wedding. Along the way, I thought about moving to New York City, listened to music made by my beautiful friends, kept my token journal notes, and scribbled into my red book with steering wheel for a desk. […]

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As I write, coyotes are howling from just outside the trailer door. Boon is foofing his warning bark at me, and Annie is pacing the hallway. My fingers are frozen from walking the dogs just a minute ago, our paths almost crossing with their yipping cousins. A part of me wants to stand outside on the […]

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When I was in NYC at the beginning of August, a lot of things happened that changed the way I thought about the city. I loved it! I loved it. And it made me think of going back, and it made me want to go back, something I had never thought of doing before. So I did! […]

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