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When I was in NYC at the beginning of August, a lot of things happened that changed the way I thought about the city. I loved it! I loved it. And it made me think of going back, and it made me want to go back, something I had never thought of doing before. So I did! […]

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Things are mighty quiet back here after the raucous cacophony of horns, voices, laughter, music, life I left in New York City last week. But here is where the wind lives, the popping of fall grasshoppers into bushes as you go by, the scraping of gravel underfoot, the crack of a raven’s call as it splits the […]

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The Sandstone Bluffs

Not far from this lonely, little trailer is another quiet place, high above the black and craggy lava flows below. The Sandstone Bluffs are a part of the El Malpais National Monument. El Malpais, or the badlands, as the land was called by the Spanish who trekked across it when they first forayed into this part […]

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Feet First

One of the main reasons I drove east for 2,000 miles last month and then sped back west again was to attend the Feet First Sessions workshop in NYC. It was led by photographers Max and Margaux and Jesse and Whitney and based on the idea that sometimes, you just have to jump in feet first without thinking. And […]

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From the Road, 7/19

6:33a CST – Good morning! – from El Dorado, Kansas (Kansas) Not used to giant thunderstorms to go with my gargantuan cup of morning coffee. My black, lighting apocalypses are usually afternoon tea affairs. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t afraid of a potential Oz-esque tornado to interrupt or follow this cup. […]

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