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From the Road, 7/18

26 days ago I left to drive east. While driving for four days out, three days back, and elsewhere in-between, I grabbed a pen and threw thoughts haphazardly into my cheery, red Moleskin anytime the mood struck me, writing precariously with the steering wheel for a desk. Sometimes I marked the time; oftentimes I did […]

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Urban Tuesday, Before Noon

I am sitting at a white table, the leaves extended up to hold two computers, the salt and pepper, the jar of sugar, a water bottle, the black t-shirt, keys, scissors and sewing things, the Bag Balm, and a subway map, which I am using as a mouse pad. I think to myself inwardly and […]

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Eight Months

As I sit in the darkening kitchen, I watch the wind that leads the storm shake the weeds outside the window. It is hot, hot, hot – each day, every day – and we need this rain, but it only teases. And the expansiveness I feel as I wait reminds me of driving across Arizona […]

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Something magical happens when you get together with most of your closest friends┬áto celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a brand new one. Everything seems so much more shiny and full, happy and raw, stark and meaningful. It is a life of bright contentment. – – – – – – – […]

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Three Days Later

I am starting the year off right, three days later, by not worrying about the fact that I am three days later in posting. Also – seeing as I have 344 or more photos from 2012: The Best Year Ever to put out into the universe, it might be awhile till we all see them. […]

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