The friends of my friends are my friends and are visiting, and we connect and talk and eat and grow and walk and sing and crochet in sunlight . . .

. . . You recognize good souls when your heart is instantly at ease, they praise your burned, gelatinous blob of brown rice, and when your puppies love them.

I think Boon would take up residence forever around Chris’ ankles if he could.


To Chris and Eliza: I hope you had a visit as sweet and simple as yourselves and your music! Sorry about the dust cloud and Boon barking like a maniac during your phone call. Now you’ve seen some pot sherds, and know the secrets of the ancients! As house guests go, you’re top of the pops. I’m so glad you came, you’re each a delectable peach, and may your travels be filled with good shows, good friends, and gads of the most righteous peanut butter.

Mi trailer es su trailer. XOXO.

Be well.


(Go check out Faeroplane’s music or see them at a show near you!)

Bearica - I love this so much, and I love how fantastic and open and loving you are. You are a superb earth mother. xo.6/6/2012 – 7:50am

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